Victoria, Timmy, and Hatter are looking out the window one day, like they usually do. Victoria is sick and tired of always looking out of the house. The only views she gets to see is the culdesac, or the backyard which has nothing.

Timmy and Hatter do not mind, since they are indoor cats they are used to this. But Victoria was quickly getting sick of her boring suburban home, so she decided to do something about it.

One night, Victoria decides to escape the house in order to search for a better home, with a better view. As a small pretty girl, Victoria is well aware that anyone could take her in. Timmy and Hatter did not want her to alone, so they went with her.

First, they escaped the house, to do this they climbed onto the roof, and then jumped onto some trees, making it to the ground. After they escaped the house they needed to find their way to a shore town, since Victoria really enjoys going down the shore.

Timmy is very good at navigation and finding places. Luckily, he found a train near the house that is heading towards the shore. Since they are cats and not people, they easily snuck onto the train and headed towards the shore.

So going to the shore was the easy part, they arrived with no problem. The hard part is finding a place to live, with a good view, that will allow three cats. So they spent the day searching, looking everywhere, finding nothing.

As they were about to give up, Hatter smelled chips, his favorite snack (Hatter actually enjoys chips). He raced over there and found a house with a man eating chips. As Timmy and Victoria catch up, they find Hatter eating chips and the man also offers the other cats chips as well.

As Timmy goes towards Hatter to see what is going on, Victoria races into the mans house in search of a view. Luckily, the man enjoys animals so he does not mind at all, he appreciates the company. The man and the other cats then follow Victoria into the house and she’s seen looking out the window. The other two cats then join her at the window, enjoying the shore.

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