The last thing I remember was walking in the woods at night by myself. I went from walking in the woods to waking up in this random bedroom. I think I was drugged or something because I feel very loopy, I look like a mess, and I have no idea what is going on.

My vision has been blurred ever sense I woke up in this bedroom. I have no idea where I am, but I’m going to attempt to explore this house I am in. I attempted to leave the room, which I did successfully. I enter a hallway to find a group of armed guards asking me where I was going.

I asked them where I was and what was going on, they said not to worry about it an go back to my room. I demanded them to tell me what was going on and they said I’ve been kidnapped by the aliens because they were interested in my navigation skills because they were new to earth.

I told the guards (aliens in human form so that they do not scare me) that’s not how we ask people for favors on this planet and that I will not help since you all think kidnapping is not tolerable. The guards got really mad and the last thing I remember is one of them grabbing a nightstick…

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