In this assignment, I got to take a song and change the key to make it sound different. Here is the original song. This is copyrighted material so I will not uploading to soundcloud.

BROLY500!- I’m in Real Big Trouble

BROLY500! is a Soundcloud rapper, meaning he has some attention, but he’s not very famous, usually known regionally. BROLLY500! is a DMV rapper, which means he is a rapper from the DMV. Rappers usually like to affiliate their work with the region they are from. He’s not a bad rapper, but in my opinion he’s a rip off of xxxtentacion.

In my opinion, BROLY500! sounds much better at this key. With the slightly slower tempo, his high pitch voice made it sound really well. If he released it in this key, he probably would of gotten away with it.

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  1. Hey Josh! I really enjoyed going through this post! This guy sounds just like X! I think that if most people only heard the music without knowing who it is they would guess it was Xxxtentacion. I acknowledge that most rappers will always take inspiration from a rapper they looked up to or even from the region they are from but I still believe they should work to distinguish themselves rather than following someone else’s foot steps exactly. Just my thoughts, what do I know haha. Great Post!

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