“Don’t be a jackass or a knuckle head”- Governor Phil Murphy 2020

This was a very interesting assignment. I chose it because I enjoy photoshopping and thought this would be fun. Although I did not learn anything new on photoshop, the real challenge of this assignment was to come up with what to photoshop.

The instructions said to take two photos and put them on top of each other. In the end, it did not work out. I was more successful cropping one image and putting it on top of the another.

I had a very hard time coming up with an idea, then I read an unrelated article and I thought the subject was “a complete dumbass”. It hit me that there are different types of asses: dumb, smart, jack, fat, ect. Obviously, I had no interest in photoshopping butts, so I made the correlation that I can replace “ass” with “head”.

So That is where I came up with the idea of turning myself into a knuckle head. What I did was I opened up the two images separately. Then I used my favorite tool the magic wand to isolate the background from the fist. Then I simply took the fist, dragged it to the selfie of me, and made the fist bigger so that it can go over my entire head.

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