During spring break, A Chevy Malibu left me stranded on the side of the road. I do not own a Malibu, I rented one. The reason I rented one is because I was not 100% positive my van would make it from Fredericksburg to the bottom of South Carolina. Ironically, I still got stranded.

Usually, rental cars are newer cars with lower miles and cars of that age do not break down. However, this Malibu registered in Virginia, with 25K miles on decided to overheat and shut off while I was going 80mph down the highway. I was very annoyed because I had to get a new rental since this one was broken.

Curious to see the problem, I open the hood to explore. I couldn’t see any part that was broken, so I decided to check how much oil was in there. The dipstick was bone dry, this car has never had an oil change.

Luckily, Hertz was awesome about and I only waited a half hour. A representative from Hertz drove to the scene with a Chevy Impala with New York plates. He gave me the Impala and stayed with the Malibu to wait for the tow truck.

I have mixed feelings about the Impala though. I appreciated the free upgrade and the car was better. But, I was worried that it would break on me because they gave me another chevy. Luckily, it did not break.

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