Josh’s 2003 Honda Odyssey

I got to do this in real life! When I moved to Virginia, I learned it only costs $10 for a custom plate, so I hopped on it immediately.

Originally, I wanted “Josh” on my license plates, but obviously I’m not the only Josh in Virginia and someone already took it from me. I did not want to a number after my name because that’s what everyone does. Also I did not want to be ranked among the other Josh’s on the Virginia roadways.

So I chose to put TV. I chose to do this because I enjoy doing TV production and hope to have a side job one day doing it. So now every time someone sees my van on the road, they know it’s me.

When I ordered the plates, I used the DMV’s Website to do it. On it, there are over 200 options for plate designs to choose from. I did not like any of the designs so I used the basic one.

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