Dominance- This photo of a tree shows a good example of dominance in design. As you can see in the photo, you can see apart of my culdesac, a mailbox, a recycle bin, the spoiled rich kids brand new Miata and so forth. The main focus in this photo is the tree. The tree is the first thing you see because: it was framed to show the tree, as well as the tree being the closest feature to the camera, establishing dominance.

Color- In the 2nd photo, the focus is on my Orange cat, Hatter. The orange and white in him focuses on his elements. When you look at the photo, the first thing you will think is an orange and white cat. When people go to adopt a cat and look at photos, the main focus is the color.

Typography- In the 3rd photo, typography is the main focus. This is my license plate collection (hoping to have all 50 states) and each license plate is different. Some are from Virginia, some are from New Jersey, one of them says “Ass” and the state made my grandpa (AS himself) get a new one. When you view this photo, you are gonna look at the plates and notice the differences and similarities.

form/function/message- In the last photo, it shows my friend Alan standing next to his ex girlfriend. Obviously, that is not his ex, but the satire this image provides tells the message. The form Alan is in makes it look like that he posing for a photo with the “ex”. The best part is, without a description, the viewer can come up with their own form/function/message.

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