This week in DS 106, I expanded on my photography skills. Since I do TV, I already know the principles of taking a photo and all the technicalities, but this week I learned about visual literacy, and how a photo can be a story, and how to create a story by taking pictures.

This week, I feel like I did the assignments pretty well. I was a little slow at the Photo Safari because I was overthinking it. I also Forgot to do two of the daily creates and I plan on getting into the habit of doing those first thing in the morning.

What I enjoyed doing most this week were the visual assignments. Although coming up with the ideas were the most challenging, the results turned out well. The Spubble I created I thought was Hilarious. For “Your favourite photo?”, I enjoyed showing off my sick ride. Averaged Portrait was my favorite assignment. I got to learn a new skill in photoshop, and come up with a story to explain the photo. Lastly, for the combophoto, I got to prove that I am indeed a knucklehead.

Out of all the photos this week, I am most proud of this photo, and here’s why.

Like I mentioned, what I had challenges with was being creative and coming up with ideals. I feel as if I excel at the digital, but I still need to work on the storytelling.

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