Photo taken outside of Target in Mosaic District during Photo Safari

By using Twenty Ways to Make Better Photographs. None of Them Involve Buying Gear and Becoming a Better Photographer from the DS 106 handbook, I have used some of the suggestions to take photos, and this photo turned out to be my favorite.

Recording and taking photos are very similar, but very different. The principles and are the same, but the rules are a lot more relaxed. For example, In TV, you must follow the rule of thirds in order for the viewer to properly focus on the subject. In photography, you can break the rule of thirds if you see fit to make your photo more artistic.

In this photo, I used some of the suggestions, This includes:

Better Contrast Makes Better Stories– The clear blue sky and reflection of the sky in the glass really improve on the contrast in my opinion.
Change My Perspective By Changing Yours– In this photo, I was laying down on the ground aiming the lens up so that I can shoot in a different perspective. A lot of people look up, not many photos look up.
Create Depth– The corner of the building, and all target logos with the angle make it look very three dimensional.

I did not come up with the idea, it was inspired from the Safari Challenge, and I did a great job accomplishing that photo.

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