A few months went by and Huntor’s Friend Josh came to visit for a days. Josh wanted to know if Huntor wanted to wanted to join Josh and their other friends on a day trip down the shore.

Huntor said he was busy.

Not an issue, Josh said we can all go another time when Huntor is free. After Josh said that, Huntor’s face turned many shades of red, like he was embarrassed about something.

At that point, Huntor pulls Josh to the side to tell him something in confidence. He’s acting very timid and looks very stressed out, possibly about to have a mental breakdown.

He then shares with Josh that his Camaro got repossessed because he was three months behind on payment.

Josh was very surprised when he found out about Huntor’s whip, he immediately asked why. Huntor responds by explaining that he spent all his money on his new “girlfriend”.

Josh, being the jackass he is who always tries to involve humor, joked that he blew all his money on some onlyfans girl like a simp.

Huntor left the room.

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