The scene I chose to analyze was the fight scene in the original Anchorman. In my opinion, since this was a fight scene, it was very easy to analyze since it is easy to distinguished when a group of people were fighting.

What I can say is by analyzing the camera angles, it was easy to see who the focus was on. I was able to tell what side was yelling and who was screaming, just by how zoomed in the shot was. The way the camera panned across the different sides, it was clear that the camera was trying to establish both sides, and they are getting ready to come at each other.

When I listened to just the audio, it seemed like a whole different scene. Ron Burgundy made a speech that made sense. After that it was just O Fortuna, which always plays before a battle. After that it was 70s funk music. It does not make sense, it does not fit the video at all.

That is just me thinking cinematically, when you put the sound and the video together, it makes perfect sense because it is a bunch of 1970s journalists fighting over views.

I think the 70s funk music brings humor to the fight scene. Without sound, you would just assume that it’s very serious. The lesson here is that you need both video and audio to tell the story and you can not rely on video.

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