This poster needs to be hung up at all jobs. Every job I’ve ever had, there was always that one person no one liked or wanted to around. At my last job, the person who fits the description got me in trouble for something I didn’t do.

One day, I get a call to go to administration department for some reason. I arrive and I have to go to my managers mangers office. They then ask me for my side of the story. I then ask them what story they are referring too because I had no idea what they were talking about.

They then yelled at me for being rude to a member and threatening to have their car towed because they parked in a space that they were not supposed to. I ask them again, what are they referring too and when did this happen.

They got mad at me for playing dumb, and my manager (who was also there) said it happened at 9:30. I then asked him I did this if he had me complete a task from 9-10 that was off loacation.

Both their faces drop, me being the person I am, I politely but firmly tell them both, that’s not how we accuse people of things, and as my boss you should remember the things you sent me to do.

My managers manager was not happy that I told my manager off, but she knew I was right, so it was worth it in my opinion. What actually happened was another staff person (that no one likes) threw my name in when someone asked for his name after he messed up.

Unfortunately, his mother is on the board, so he couldn’t touched. But that’s how the nonprofit world works…

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