The purpose of Multimodal Introduction was to establish an initial response to my digital identity. The instructions state that I was to create different methods of Introductions using various social media forms. I did do as instructed, but no exactly.

Multimodal Introduction for Youtube

This is the introduction video that I uploaded to youtube, probably should of chosen a better thumbnail. I used my editing skills to produce this and I uploaded it. In this video, I shared information about me, as well as showing my sense of humor. I explained who I was, and about how I got here.

Multimodal Introduction for SoundCloud

Another platform that was to be used was SoundCloud. SoundCloud is used for uploading music and podcasts. I personally do not make music very well so I thought a podcast would be a good idea. Since I have already created a video, instead of making a whole podcast, I simply exported the video to only audio and use that for the podcast. Notice at the beginning and ending of the video there is sound and text. I did that mainly so that the podcast edition can have a proper intro and closing audio to grab the viewers attention.

I forgot flickr existed if I am being honest, it must forgotten about to the point where WordPress doesn’t accept flickr embeddings. For flicker I added five random photos that tell a story about me, my skills, and my sense of humor.

Josh’s Twitter Profile

Lastly, here is my twitter profile. In my opinion, I thought it was pointless to do a Multimodal Introduction for twitter. One, twitter only offers 280 characters per tweet. Yes, you can add more tweets along but the average user scrolling is not going to open the rest of the tweets and read them. Second, in my opinion, I see twitter as a gateway platform, meaning it is used to connect to other parts of the internet. Many twitter users who have a lot to say (me in this case) will use links to get the user off the platform, and to their platforms so they can see their content in their entirety. I chose to do this as well because twitter does not support my Multimodal Introductions. Frankly, we use twitter to expand on our virtual networks as well as a network of its own.

As you can see from this Introduction, I am a very opinionated person. If you enjoy this content do not forget to comment.

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