For this week in DS 106, I got to set up a website, and social media in order to be successful in this class. I feel as I’ve done very well because I already have some prior experience. Just last week, I finished DGST 101, so I already had a website and WordPress experience. In digital studies, I created a main website, as well as a subdomain to use for that class. For this class, I have gone ahead and created a different subdomain so that I can keep my work nice and organized. Here is everything I accomplished:

This is my very first post on this subdomain. On this post, I have explained my entire process for the social media and my different introductions.

After that, I went on to edit my website. Although I was familiar with the different themes I could choose from, I was not aware of the many plugins that I would be able to use. In digital studies, the only plug in that I have used was Akismet. I learned today that I am able to install more plugins that do different things to help my website. Jetpack is my favorite because it does many things at once and it is very useful for my website. I went ahead and installed the plugins on my other domains as well.

Daily Create

This is my daily create for the day. I have made a t shirt about the great city of Philadelphia. A question I have is, is the professor up at 5am posting these or does she have it set?

I also made a comment on this blog. The comment is awaiting moderation so I was not positive if I was able to share the link now. So i screenshotted the comment as evidence. This website is not in eastern standard time because I made comment at 7:09, not 11:09.

In all, I really enjoyed making the video and I hope I am able to make more in this class. I also hope that this is a good summary and that I can improve and do better each time.

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