This is Neil. He is 3 years old and lives with my sister in South Carolina. Neil is a very nice boy, but he likes to get into trouble a lot. His favorite food is plastic and has a case of the resting bitch face, which is why I thought he would be the purrfect candidate for this assignment.

The caption, is actually factual. My sister goes to Graduate school in Georgia, so she has to wake up very early each day for her hour commute. When she wakes up, Neil has to wake up to and he is not happy.

My sister sent me this picture in February of just Neil at six in the morning, so I viewed it when I woke up. Because of the time the picture was sent, I was able to figure out the reasoning behind it. Since both the links to the suggested Spubble sites did not work, I took this picture, uploaded it to snapchat, and then added in this caption and speech bubble emoticon.

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  1. I love this creative retelling of my old morning routine with Neil. Despite this huge annoyance he causes, as well as his grumpy faces, I must agree with your statement that Neil is, in fact, a very nice boy.

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