Vignelli Canon was a famous Italian Architect and graphic designer. Canon is known for modernizing graphic design. His designs are known all around the world, and he has also started a few companies designing graphics for large corporations.

What I enjoy about Canon’s work is that it is simple and that it is also the goal. His work is very basic, easy to read and understand, but also unique to his own creations.

Cannon designed before the internet came out. His designs were made with ink and not pixels. This understanding makes me appreciate his work more because although the designs were simple, they were very time consuming and still follows the basic principles of design.


  1. Hey Josh! I had a very similar takeaway from the Vignelli Canon pdf myself. His work was so impressive because of the mediums he was working with at the time. It wasn’t as simple as pulling up Photoshop and trying something a hundred times. He had to really take his time to demonstrate the fundamental principles of design with ink on paper. Great post!

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