This week in DS106, I learned about design and how it applies to everyday life. I learned that design is not only the photo or drawing or art, but it also involves the planning on how to execute these different mediums.

In the DesignBlitz assignment, I learned from taking photos the different aspects of design and how it can workout using photography as well.

I learned about Vignelli Cannon and how he was a major influenced in the graphic design industry.

I created some GIFs, that show a modern digital version of design. I created a gif, while learning about an old form of media. I also made a giant gif of myself, which I thought was very ammusing.

For my assignments. I created a magazine cover, explain about a license plate I have designed, I made a T-shirt, and made an “Are we There Yet?“. While doing these assignments, it helped me understand design better, as well as helping me be a better storyteller.

I also accomplished a goal, I successfully completed 4 TDCs this week.

Lastly, I learned something unrelated, but useful. Many websites offer an encode option for when it is time to share. If you select the option, it’ll provide an HTML code for you to copy and paste into the blog post using the HTML embed option. I found it to be very useful.

The only trouble I had this week was again coming up with story ideas. I’m starting to understand that in a story, I can do whatever I want and I need to allow myself to use my whole imagination and not limit my options. That help me come up with some of the wacky stories for this week.


  1. Hi! I like that you mentioned that design isn’t just a drawing or the photo, that it’s all the planning and execution to complete the piece of art. The design blitz was such a great way to dive right on in and learn how much more to design there really is! Good job!

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