This week in DS 106, I got to expand my knowledge about audio. Although I already knew how to produce and use audio, this week, I learned about how audio is used in storytelling.

First, I learned from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad about what completes an audio story. Glass states there are two parts to the story, the antidote and the reflection, as well as explaining how finding the story is harder than creating the story. Abumrad also provided his explanation on radio and how it is not going anywhere due to the intimacy.

I learned a lot about the techniques shown in audio storytelling. This can included on how sounds are made like the foley sound, using objects to mimic footsteps and other action that cannot be recorded with the action. The classic Wilhelm scream is a prerecorded scream used in a variety of movies since the 1950s, I’ve heard it so many times, but never heard of it until this week.

While listening to Moon Graffiti, I noticed many sound effects. For starters, the voices were filtered as to seem like they are actually in space, wearing spacesuits. There was also other ambient noises, which created the illusion you were up in space with them, just like on TV. In all, the effects were very well done and it actually felt like I was in space.

For this weeks assignments, I completed 3 assignments worth 12 stars. I completed the Sound Effects Story, 80’S Product Radio Commercial, and B-Flat, which was my favorite.

I have also completed 4 TDC’s this week.

In all, this was a very enjoyable week. I got to learn all about audio when it applies to storytelling and I had really enjoyed doing the assignments. I believe that this week the assignments were a bit easier because the audio was the story, versus having to come up with a story or tell the story behind the picture or design. This week was definitely for me!

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