This week inn DS 106, I don’t feel like I learned anything new. As I’ve said many times, I have experience in Film and TV. Although my area is TV, I have also learned about film and how to produce.

In the How to Read Movie Assignment, I reviewed how camera shots and angles work to help tell a story in a movie. I did learn about a new way to analyze films by stopping immediately and discussing the scene, it sounds like fun, but also time consuming.

For Look, Listen, Analyze, I analyzed both the video and audio aspects of a movie, noticing how the two opposite differences put together makes a fantastic scene and how it takes both aspects to tell a strory.

The assignments I had a lot of fun making. I got to create my own Point of View film that shows me escaping my house. As well as me turning something really serious into and add the Chipmunk Style to it, making their voices higher.

Although I did not learn anything too new, I did enjoy going over and reviewing film again. Something I think is really cool to analyze is a news cast and how journalists use different camera angles and audio techniques to tell their news stories.

Here are my TDC:

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