This is my 2003 Honda Odyssey minivan. It currently has 110k miles and it never breaks. When I moved to Virginia at the end of summer 2017, I needed a vehicle to commute to school because my first car I used in high school died. I got this van with 85k.

2007 Hyundai Azera (2007-2017) 250k miles; photo circa 2016

Lucky for me, I got the van for free. It was my grandmothers van, but she passed away in 2011, so it sat for a majority of my time. My grandfather would only use it sometimes but not that often, which is why the miles are low. Since there was almost a year of registration left, he gave me the title when the registration ended and I’ve been the “registered” owner for two years.

The reason this is my favorite photo is because I love my van. Moving to a new state that’s totally different than your home was a big adjustment. I don’t like very Virginia very much, the only good thing about it was my van. I love having all the space in the world, enough room to move myself into UMW and move around other stuff, and drive a lot of people if needed. I plan on keeping this van for as long as it is still running.

This photo is a snapchat. I wanted to take a “cool” photo of my new to me van when I first received it. I drove up to the top of a parking deck and backed the van into a parking space. I then got out and improperly framed the photo so that I can accommodate a caption and geotag. I turned my phone at an angle to make the photo look cooler.

“New Whip” was the caption I chose for the this photo. A whip is a slang term for a vehicle, because you “whip” it around. The geotag is for the designated area of Springfield (VA does not have townships for some weird reason), to show my followers (who mainly are in NJ) that I moved on to do “better” things, which included a new van.

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